Intelligent Farm21 assistant, affordable sensor

Affordable and accurate grower insights

Start improving crop yields with the world's first affordable precision farming platform. Know exactly what's happening in your fields and take action.
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Intelligent farming assistant
The self-learning intelligent assistant helps you as a grower make the right choices at the right time.
Affordable high density analytics
An affordable field and soil sensor means you can place multiple sensors in your field to get the best farming analytics possible.
Easy installation
Stick the sensor in the ground, scan the QR and you are ready. Our online dashboard will show you measurements instantly.
Intelligent farming assistant

Advanced analytics for every grower

Our platform analyses sensor data and external datasources to warn, advice and help you make the right decisions on time.
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Measures 6 relevant datapoints for farming

Affordable field sensor network

A powerful and affordable sensor that enables the deployment of a high density network across your fields.

For just 79 euro you have a sensor that can measure soil moisture at three different depths, soil temperature, air humidity and air temperature.
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We have globally operating customers that use the Farm21 to improve, manage and optimize crop yields.

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Our starter pack comes with 10 sensors. Smart precision farming has never been so accessible.
“Farm21 helps us give our farmers better advice, save on costs and improve yields. It makes our services more scalable and growers love the insights.”
Sander Dekker
Crop consultant precision farming