Our mission

We support every farmer with growing their produce efficiently and independently. Less waste of valuable resources, increased crop yield.

Making impact

Smallholder farmers are of vital importance

According to the United Nations to avoid the global food crisis ahead, the world needs to produce 70% more food by 2050.

Smallholder farmers worldwide are responsible for the production of 80% of the food consumed in a large part of the developing world. Yet smallholder farmers often face low yields because of a lack of knowledge and limited financial resources to invest in training and technology.

Studies have shown that when more sustainable farming practices are adopted, yields increased with almost 80%. This proves that there is room for enormous impact.

Supporting smallholder farmers in running a more profitable and efficient business will improve many livelihoods, but will also make an significant impact on the global food crisis.

Data as mentor

Our Farm21 platform gathers data from farming practices all over the world, making the AI module smarter every day. The gathered knowledge is of tremendous value, especially for the ones who lack access to this knowledge.

In the near future we will launch a program that will enable smallholder farmers access to our sensors and platform. With Farm21 we aim to improve their livelihood and crop yields.

Farm21 first came in contact with the agricultural world back in 2017. With a background in software engineering and product development, we saw the opportunity to contribute to digital farming solutions.

Since then we have set ourselves the task to revolutionize the world of agricultural precision farming. From user research, we have learned that usability and cost are important issues when it comes to precision farming. Those two elements became our main focus in supporting all farmers worldwide.

So for us, this revolution is twofold; develop a cost-effective sensor that is easy to use and use the sensor data in a smart way. With product and software development being part of our roots, user input is our guide for the development of our product. Therefore we are constantly listening to the user and make their suggestions part of the development process. Any suggestions? Feel free to contact us!

Thomas Houwers

Jesse Hoeksema

Bas Alderding

Koen ter Velde
Operational lead

Joey Houtenbos
Technical lead