The intelligent Farm21 assistant

Grow more with the intelligent Farm21 assistant

Generating tasks and warnings based on accurate field data.

Grow more and save on valuable resources by doing exactly what's needed. Our platform gives you the accurate insights to help you optimize your business.

Intelligent tasks and warnings that help you grow more.
Accurate insights by combining sensors with other datasources.
Save on valuable resources by doing exactly whats needed.

Field insights

Gain accurate field insights by analyzing data inside the Farm21 dashboard.

Know exactly what happened on your fields and use our forecasts to plan for the future.

Farm21 assistant

The assistant generates tasks and warnings based on your data.

By learning from your data the platform becomes smarter every day.

Grow more

Our starter pack comes with 10 sensors. Smart precision farming has never been so accessible.
“Farm21 helps us give our farmers better advice, save on costs and improve yields. It makes our services more scalable and growers love the insights.”
Sander Dekker
Crop consultant precision farming