The first affordable smart precision farming sensor

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Get started with Farm21

Get to know Farm21 with our starter package. It includes 10 sensors and is easy upgradable to more.

A license of 4 euro/month/sensor is required to get platform updates, cover carrier cost and provide you with the best support possible.

10 Sensor starter kit

The most affordable farming sensors

for 10 sensors
  • Measures soil moisture & temperature
  • Measures air humidity & air temperature

Data analytics platform

Analyze your farming data at scale

Monthly, per sensor
  • Covers wireless LORA cost
  • Further development of the platform
  • Service & support included

How Farm21 works

Install the sensors in three easy steps.

1. Determine the right spots

Find the suitable spots in your fields to place the sensors. Base this on your own knowledge or let your crop advisor help you with your decision. We also have few recommendations. Please download our installation guide for more information.

2. Activate the sensor​

At the desired location, activate the sensor with your mobile phone. The location is directly send to the dashboard. From the moment of activation the sensor starts measuring and sending data.

3. Place the sensor

The last step is to push the sensor into the ground up to the indicated depth.

Discover our platform

Insight in your field, all the time. Our online dashboard shows all relevant data whenever you desire. No need to install additional software. Your personal environment is accessible anywere from your browser.

The Farm21 sensor

The Farm21 sensor is light, strong and easy to install.

This happens above the ground


Will last one year on one charge
Data is transfered each hour via LoRa
Air temperature
Air humidity

This happens in the ground


Soil temperature at 10cm depth
Soil moisture at three depths:
0-10 cm
10-20 cm
20-30 cm

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