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smart farming solution

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10 Sensor starter kit

The most affordable farming sensors

for 10 sensors
  • 6 months of data analytics platform included
  • Measures soil moisture & temperature
  • Measures air humidity & temperature
Pricing valid until July 2019
Early bird offer

Data analytics platform

Analyze your farming data at scale

Monthly, per sensor
  • Covers wireless LORA cost
  • Regular platform updates
  • Service & support included

Planning to roll out a large number of sensors on your farm? Contact us for alternative pricing and availability.

Frequently asked questions

Our platform and pricing allows rolling out at scale. We support form small quantities up to a thousands of sensors for a single farm to achieve a fine-meshed network that generates actionable data. We would recommend a minimum of 4 sensors per hectare, but depending on your situation this number can vary. Contact us and we will help you get started.

We expect the first batch of sensors to be delivered in Q3 2019. Full scale production will start Q4 2019. Our data analytics platform is already available and currently beeing finetuned with our pilot customers.