10 Sensor starter kit

750,00 excl. BTW / excl. VAT


This is the Farm21 starter kit, containing 10 sensors. An additional license of 4/euro/sensor/month is required to use our advanced data analytics platform. This license can be activated after initial payment of the sensors. Access to the Farm21 dashboard is mandatory to use our sensors. Your subscription is activated after successful delivery or your order.

Our sensors measure:

  • Soil moisture (at a depth of 0-10 cm, 10-20cm and 20-30cm)
  • Soil temperature (at a depth of 10 cm)
  • Air temperature (at a height of 15 cm)
  • Air humidity (at a height of 15 cm)

Setting up and activating the sensors is easy and quick using the Farm21 app. After activation the sensor data is directly available in the Farm21 dashboard which allows for structured overview of your sensor data. Click here to find out more about the dashboard features.

Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 10 cm